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Talking about fresh starts: Ana Basic \ Senior Interior Designer 

''And suddenly you just know it's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.''  - Meister Eckhart 13th century AD

With the new year well on the way it is still not too late to put those New Year's resolution(s) in action. Although the sounds of the Viennese Waltz and midnight fireworks have faded away, the entire month of January feels as if we are standing on the threshold of new beginnings. With the air still cold and the days hardly noticeable longer, the new year is just a seed waiting to blossom under the warm sun of the seasons yet to come. It's a good time to plant those resolutions, plans, ideas and dreams.

With the Winter season on decline and the Summer season still far on the horizon, it is also a good time to start new interior renovations plans.

Our TrinityTree Design team has a big plans for the year 2020. We are all excited to present our new furniture and accessories lines to the world. Although we have to wait just a little bit more for the reveal, please allow us to show you a little sneak preview:

CURVE Coffee Table

 LILLA Chair












  VIGGO Sofa









We hope you will enjoy new TrinityTree Design models. They are made of creativity, vision, knowledge and determination to bring the best quality product to the market.

We also hope that your own dreams and ideas come to life in 2020.


Have fun and laugh often!



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