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Talking about comfort: Ana Basic \ Senior Interior Designer 


''Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone''. This is a phrase we all heard about. It suggests real purpose can only be found outside our familiar surroundings. Moreover, it hints we can only achieve our goals by venturing into new territory. It tells us by shedding away the grey blanket of comfort we can only then be able to see all the colours of life.

The ''comfort zone'' has given rise to negative connotations. It is seen to represent all that is stale, unproductive and uninspirational. Apparently it is bad for you because you will never achieve anything by staying within tried, tested and familiar grounds. We are expected to step out as much as possible to reach higher levels of personal and professional growth.

Literally or figuratively speaking, I disagree with the statement that life begins at the end of the comfort zone. 

Comfort zone is not conformism.

We are all different and unique. What works for some will not for others. It is all relative. While some of us are natural born risk takers, wanderers and explorers, others prefer routine and the feeling of familiarity.  Suggesting that the only road to success is the one that takes us away from familiar is wrong for so many reasons. It is wrong because success is a relative term and it is measured by our own personal standards and desires. It is wrong because we have to feel good about who we are. And it is wrong because there is always more then just one road. 

There is nothing wrong with living in the comfort zone because we all have one. 

The size of the comfort zone is relative to oneself.

For some, comfort can be found by looking at familiar sites through the window or sipping coffee at the neighbourhood cafe or smelling a loaf of fresh bread from the local boulangerie.

For others,comfort is found in the dawn over an unknown city, the sounds of a new language or the scent of an adventure.

Comfort zone means different things to different people, but we all live in it because we all need that special space to feel happy, secure and, well, comfortable. That's what life is all about. 

Stay in your comfort zone, have fun and laugh often!


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