Design Trends \ New Times

by Ana Basic \ Senior Interior Designer 


It has been challenging. It has been strenuous. It has been daunting. Yet, at the same time, it has been inspirational, stimulating and eye-opening. We found the depths we never knew we are able to dive into and the heights we never knew we can reach. And, although the 2020 took us all by surprise, it did not take us away from our goals and directions.

We have added many new models to our existing standard lines and are glad to present them. I would also like to show you some older models which deserve to be presented in a new light again. I shall let the pictures tell you the story about our vision for the future.

\ the TRENTINO chair


\ the LOVELY armchair

\ the OTTANTA chair



\ the EPOCH dining table

\ the CURVES coffee table

 \ the TRIBOARD cabinet

\ the SOR cabinet

For the best Summer ever, we have prepared new outdoor furniture.

\ the BAY chair

\ the SAIL dining table

\ the SAIL sofa corner w/table


We are working to show all the new models on our web site. In the meantime, please request product info at

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