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Presented by: Ana Basic & TrinityTree Design ID team

With another year's end approaching, we decided to look back at our favourite designs of 2019. The list was put together by all of us at TrinityTree Design during one of our creative meetings, seasoned with the festive joy and holiday spirit. We hope you will take pleasure in our design choices. 

So let the countdown begin!


 10. CHATEAU Armchair

The charm of the Chateau armchair is undeniable. It brings joie de vivre to every space. Rustic and modern at the same time, it has a sofa bench variation as well.

Oh, did we mention the amazing details and finishing?



This stool has the strength of mighty European oak reinforced by the iron round stretcher. It is still cute as a button:)

8. MAYFAIR Armchair

We love this armchair for its ability to transform and adapt. Dress it in a different fabric and finish the frame in a different colour and you will think it is a completely new model. We have used it in many projects and it never stops to amaze us.


7. SAIL Dining Table

Sail's table vase in the middle serves as a planter or a drink cooler. How much fun is that? It has our thumbs up:)

6. FLA Floor Lamp

A big Thank You to our brilliant young designer for creating this lamp. She brightens our space every day with the fresh ideas and creative designs. Have a good one Katie!

5. AUBURN Sofa


Our 2019 new introduction has been a huge success. We love its subtle details and comfortable curves. Thanks to the skilled hands of our production team this sofa is built to last.


4. OCCHIO Pendant

The warmth of European walnut and two additional ambiance lights make the Occhio pendant a focal point of every space. Imagine hanging dozens of them  at a various heights. That is what we did for one of our projects and the space looks out of this world. A huge thanks to our brilliant light designers.

3. HEXAGON Coffee Table

Add as many hexagons as needed and create a different picture every time. You have to love these little puzzle tables. We couldn't resist them either.

2. SAIL Armchair

Sail away on this soft cloud of pure comfort. This is our all-time favourite outdoor armchair. Firmly positioned on the second place and on the straight course to becoming a true classic.

1. OTTO Chair

We have unanimously chosen the Otto chair as TrinityTree Design product of the year 2019, simply because we are so proud how pretty it looks all dressed up for the ball:)


2019 has been a good and productive year for our TrinityTree Design creative team. We are looking forward to the new year, new creations and challenges.

From the bottom of our hearts we wish everyone peaceful and blessed holidays.

Have fun and laugh often!



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